At the attention of Palermo Sisters, SL - Dept. of Returns

PI Valdeportillo 1ª, Nave 3, CP 20108; of Alcobendas (Madrid).

That I D / Dª ________________________________ (name and surname), with address on ________________________________ (full address) and telephone ______________________, and with email _____________________, or a third party indicated by me (and other than the carrier), acquired the material possession of the goods object of this contract, with order number _______________________________________.

I hereby inform you that I am withdrawing from my contract of sale of the following good ___________________________________________ requested on (date DD / MM / YY) ___ / ___ / ______ and received on (date DD / MM / YY) ___ / ___ / _____, since I am within the term that the law grants me for it.

In (City) ______________________ a (day) _________ of (month) _______________ of (year) 20___.

Signed Don / Dona ___________________________________________


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